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Unsafe Spotlight

Oregon appears to lack any regulatory framework for inspecting abortion businesses. AUL submitted a public records request, under the Oregon Public Records Law, §192.410 et seq., to the Oregon Health Authority and received only a few state inspection reports. However, AUL did receive over a dozen federal CLIA certification inspection reports relating to Lovejoy Surgicenter that showed clear disregard for standard medical practices, as well as health and safety violations. Inspection reports reflected a lack of regard for facility standards

too, including holes in the walls and ceilings and failure to properly maintain electrical systems. At one facility, the director was not an RN, and the director disclosed that several clinical positions were directed/managed by an employee who was not an RN.

In 2012, the state nursing board issued an order banning a clinic nurse from “practicing as a Registered Nurse in any capacity or functioning as a caregiver in any setting” until further order. The order came in response to a lawsuit, filed by a former clinic worker, that alleged that the nurse sexually molested abortion patients while they were under anesthesia and drew the figure of a bird on one sleeping woman. The nurse was also accused of exposing herself to other employees and engaging in other harassing behavior. The nurse also allegedly told other employees to lie to state inspectors about the fact than an unlicensed and unqual- ified worker was overseeing abortion surgeries.

DATE RANGE: 2009–2019

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