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Unsafe Spotlight

Ohio has a substantial regulatory framework in place for the inspection and monitoring of abortion businesses. AUL submitted a public records request, under the Ohio Open Records Law, O.R.C. Ann. § 149.43 et seq., to the Ohio Department of Health and the State Medical Board of Ohio. The inspection reports provided to AUL reflect a number of businesses cited for unsanitary conditions, including multiple locations with stained carpets, dusty and dirty air vents, wall smears and similar cleanliness issues. Facilities were also cited for having improperly labeled predrawn syringes and unsecured oxygen tanks.

An incident at an Akron facility involved a patient having a panic attack at the facility, but the staff referred to the patient as “throwing a fit.” At another facility, staff failed to ensure the patient’s medical record accompanied her to the hospital. Another hospitalized patient’s medical record was missing key information including the reason for sending the patient to the hospital, method of transportation, and whether her medical record went to the hospital with her. At Capital Care Network, a patient was driven to the hospital by a staff member in lieu of an ambulance after a suction abortion failed to empty her uterus.

As in other states, Ohio’s facilities contained a number of expired medications and medical supplies. At the Akron facility, two staff members were likely obtaining Fentanyl and Demerol. The discrepancies in the medication supply records ceased after the suspected staff members’ departures. In another incident, Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Regional had no emergency call system in the recovery room, leaving patients unable to call for help if alone in the recovery room and an emergency arose.

DATE RANGE: 2011–2019

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