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Unsafe Spotlight

AUL’s public records request to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, M.C.L.S. § 15.231 et seq., yielded dozens of inspection reports involving multiple doctors with complaints, lawsuits, and medical board disciplinary actions. There have also been numerous 911 calls and emergency transfers to hospital emergency departments documented. Clinics consistently failed to ster- ilize instruments, secure and record medications, and train staff.

The findings of a lawsuit against Michigan abortion providers for injuries inflicted during a second trimester abortion illustrate the consistent failures of these facilities. A patient charged abortionists Dr. Sharpe and Dr. Kalo with failure to inform the patient of what to expect and risks involved with a second trimester abortion. Investigators found that on the morning of the procedure, the patient and husband did not receive counseling or discuss informed consent. There was no Registered Nurse (RN) present on the day of the procedure, and no vital signs were taken during the procedure. There was no documentation found of the medications given the patient, including IV record, time or route of administration, nor was there documentation that vital signs were monitored. When emergency responders arrived, the patient was on the treatment table with an adult diaper on, and there was blood on the treatment floor. The patient alleged she was walked downstairs to the back exit, but it could not be substantiated how she exited the building. The ER doctor reported that the patient was pasty white, tachycardic, and hypotensive upon arrival, and had significant internal bleeding. He repaired a perforated uterus and extracted a retained fetal skull. Dr. Sharpe was found to have performed another second term abortion without an RN present on June 17, 2014. No quality review program has been implemented since this event, according to inspectors.

DATE RANGE: 2012–2019

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