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Defending Life Spotlight


Unsafe Spotlight

AUL filed a public records request with the Connecticut Department of Public Health under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, Conn. Gen. Stats. § 1-200 et seq., and received almost three dozen inspection reports. Abortion businesses must comply with the department’s regulations for outpatient clinics; inspections are held for new license applicants, once every three years for existing abortion businesses, and upon the receipt of a complaint. Several abortion clinics have been cited for failing to ensure that staff had been properly trained. Citations also included a number of sanitization violations such as soiled laundry in the post-anesthesia care area, “numerous surgical instruments packaged for use that were heavily pitted, rust stained, or with discolorations,” hand hygiene violations, failing to properly use sanitization machines, and others. The Hartford GYN abortion business was cited for failures related to a patient who underwent a two-day abortion, who was required to return to the operating room twice “secondary to increased bleeding with large clots” and was eventually transferred to the emergency department.

DATE RANGE: 2014–2019

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