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Defending Life Spotlight


Unsafe Spotlight

AUL submitted a public records request, under the Arizona Public Records Law, A.R.S. § 39.101 et seq., to the Arizona Department of Health Services and received numerous inspection reports in response. In 2013, the state medical board reprimanded Dr. Goodrick of Camelback Family Planning for prewriting prescriptions for the dangerous opioid Percocet and leaving bottles of Percocet and oxycodone unsecured, even telling an employee to take a full bottle of Percocet home overnight. The department found 51 pills missing from the medication log. Inspection reports cited multi- ple examples of missing documentation of vital signs, medication logs, sterilization of instru- ments, and staff training and certification. Expired and mislabeled medications were being used on patients including Demerol, fentanyl, Narcan, oxycodone, and Percocet. Recently, an Arizona court ordered Planned Parenthood of Arizona to pay $3 million to a former Planned Parenthood director and employee of the year, Mayra Rodriguez, for wrongfully firing her after nearly 17 years of employment for reporting that the organiza- tion was endangering the health and safety of its patients.

DATE RANGE: 2010–2018