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AUL filed a public records request with the D.C. Department of Health under the District of Columbia Freedom of Information Act, D.C. Code § 2-531 et seq., and received an acknowl- edgment of our request, but no documents. The District of Columbia does not inspect or license abortion businesses. The District conducts annual licensure surveys during which facilities are inspected. Two of the documents sent to AUL indicated inspections resulted in no deficiencies and three included deficiencies.

Among the deficiencies were vials “stored in the locked controlled substance box in the refrigerator without evidence of a label to identify the ‘open’ date” or any “use by” date. There was also evidence of “comingling of medications with biological agents” and improper equipment sterilization. Staff also failed to properly take medical histories from patients in order to properly treat them, as well as improper record keeping indicating either missing or incorrect information in multiple patient records. In the DC Planned Parenthood, neither patient bathroom contained an emergency call bell system which would allow staff to assist a patient in an emergency.

DATE RANGE: 2012-2017