A State Policymakers’ Webinar on Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Wed, May 10, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

Webinar Details

Suicide assistance has expanded in recent years, threatening suicide prevention policies and human dignity. Eleven states have carved out civil, criminal, and professional liability exemptions for homicide in the case of physician-assisted suicide. However, decriminalization is not enough. The assisted suicide lobby is experimenting with lethal drug compounds upon patients and pushing to deregulate the practice through suicide tourism and telemedical suicide assistance. Activist litigation has even sought to allow active euthanasia of persons with disabilities who cannot self-administer the lethal drugs.

Assisted suicide threatens vulnerable patients, poses grave informed consent issues, and blatantly discriminates against the elderly and persons with illnesses and disabilities. Yet, states have robust powers to safeguard human life. Join Americans United for Life for a conversation with leading experts on why states should choose suicide prevention, and how policymakers can protect end-of-life patients through law and culture.

Webinar Speakers:

Richard Doerflinger (Associate Scholar, Charlotte Lozier Institute)

  • The rampant underreporting issues in assisted suicide, and the most persuasive policy arguments to make in a pro-assisted suicide state.

Brad Kehr (Policy Counsel, Americans United for Life)

  • The states’ broad powers to protect human life, and Americans United for Life’s end-of-life model legislation.

Danielle Pimentel (Policy Counsel, Americans United for Life)

  • What jurisdictions have decriminalized assisted suicide, and what is the process for receiving lethal drugs.

Dr. Sharon Quick (President, Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation) 

  • A medical perspective on the use of experimental lethal drugs in assisted suicide, the life-affirming alternative of palliative care, and the physician’s role as a healer.

Alex Schadenberg (Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition)

  • Where we’re heading: suicide tourism, telemedical suicide assistance, and Canada’s situation.

Tom Shakely (Chief Engagement Officer, Americans United for Life)

  • Moderator.

Wesley Smith (Chair & Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute, Center on Human Exceptionalism)

  • How assisted suicide is an attack upon human dignity, is rife with disability discrimination, and employs quality of life arguments.