WASHINGTON D.C. (01-16-18) – Americans United for Life’s legal team has filed an amici curiae (friend of the court) brief in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Bacerra. AUL authored the brief on behalf of leading pro-life medical groups, including the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists, the American College of Pediatricians, and the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

At the heart of the case is California’s “Reproductive FACT Act,” which requires pro-life pregnancy care centers to essentially provide free advertising for the abortion industry, by mandating that these pro-life centers post a disclosure informing the women they seek to help, that California provides free or low-cost abortion and contraception services. The posted disclosure must include the phone number for a county office that refers women to abortion facilities.

“Individuals and organizations committed to preserving and protecting human life should never be forced to advocate for abortion,” said AUL’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Steven H. Aden. “Governmental power should be used to protect conscience rights, not to coerce those who value human life at all stages of development. AUL is proud to defend pro-life pregnancy care centers and the amazing volunteers and medical professionals that work there. They are offering vulnerable women hope and a true choice, and their right to free speech must be protected.”

Since 1972, AUL has been involved in more than 100 federal and state cases across the country and internationally, including every significant abortion-related case before the Supreme Court including Roe v. Wade. AUL has filed more amicus curiae (or “friend of the court”) briefs than any other pro-life organization, further solidifying its position as the legal architect of the pro-life movement.