Americans United for Life filed an amicus brief in May encouraging the Court to hear the case

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The Supreme Court of the State of Arizona agreed Tuesday to review the lower appellate court’s conclusion that abortion doctors can perform elective abortions up through fifteen weeks of gestation. A higher court reversal would allow a law to go into effect that protects preborn children from conception from physician-provided elective abortions.

Americans United for Life filed an amicus brief in May as co-counsel with Reason for Life, a California-based pro-life organization, on behalf of Center for Arizona Policy. The brief warned if the higher court refused to hear this case, “Roe’s harms will continue in Arizona at the cost of thousands of lives each year, the integrity of the judiciary, and the legislature’s power to govern.”

“The intermediate appellate court in Arizona exercised raw judicial power against a legitimate statute that would protect the most vulnerable,” said Steven H. Aden, Chief Legal Officer at Americans United for Life. “The state Supreme Court’s decision to hear this case indicates that power will not go unchecked.”

“We at Americans United for Life were pleased to see the Arizona Supreme Court agree to hear this case,” said Bradley Kehr, Policy Counsel at Americans United for Life. “It will allow the intent of the people of Arizona and their elected representatives, which was set aside by the lower court, to be heard.”

“Arizona’s elected lawmakers have always sought to protect children in the womb and their mothers from abortion providers, but many of those legitimate efforts have been thwarted by courts since Roe v. Wade,” said Samuel Green, President and General Counsel at Reason for Life. “The Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to hear this case provides hope that, after fifty years, those protections may soon go back into effect and save countless lives.”