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Alaska Pro-Life Legislation Tracker

Unsafe Spotlight

Alaska appears to lack any regulatory frame- work for inspecting abortion clinics. AUL submitted a public records request, under the Alaska Open Records Law, Alaska S. Code § 40-25-110 et seq., to the Alaska Department of Health. In response to AUL’s request, the department and inter-agency commissions repeatedly told AUL legal staff that they “do not regulate abortion clinics.” There were no state inspection reports to be reviewed. The only inspection reports came from the federal government, which conducts annual inspec- tions on certain CLIA-certified3 pathology labs, in which Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest was included. These reports showed a blatant disregard for sanitary and other medical standards, including the compe- tency of staff and failures within the systems of pathology testing for patient tissue samples.

DATE RANGE: 2010–2016

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