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What is Americans United for Life?

Americans United for Life is the first national pro-life organization, founded in 1971, two years before Roe v. Wade.

As the Harvard Political Review identified, Americans United for Life utilizes  three main strategies to promote the value of life in American law and culture. “Legal advocacy, legislation, and education. In the courts, AUL’s team of legal experts and medical consultants submit amicus briefs in favor of policies that restrict abortion. In the legislatures, AUL drafts model policies for states. Its annual publication Defending Life celebrates the group’s yearly legislative victories and gives policy recommendations for the coming year. And in terms of education, the group publishes op-eds on a range of issues, from Supreme Court decisions to instrumental leaders in the pro-life movement. Together, these tactics form a comprehensive strategy to dominate state politics.”

Quick Facts

Approximately 862,320 abortions were performed last year in the United States.
332,757 of those abortions were provided by Planned Parenthood, America’s deadliest non-profit and largest abortion provider. Americans United for Life successfully advocates for state law and policy intended to value the life of all members of the human family, as explained by The Washington Post and USA Today. Since our founding, we have advocated for the human person across the spectrum of bioethical issues.

Americans United for Life is also active in upholding human dignity and the rights of vulnerable persons by combating efforts to encourage suicide by physician.

Advocates & Experts

Our national acclaimed law and policy experts are available for interviews upon request. View biographies and photos of each of our advocates and experts. Select examples of Americans United for Life policy experts in national media:

Catherine Glenn Foster
President & CEO

Steve Aden
Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

Tom Shakely
Chief Engagement Officer

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