Mothers and fathers love to talk about their children. They boast of accomplishments great and small, share heartwarming stories, and swap tales of the trenches of parenthood like sisters- or brothers-in-arms. Parenthood builds community. But it isn’t the same for post-abortive moms and dads. These children are seldom spoken of: their brief lives often a closely guarded secret. 

Americans United for Life invites you to break the silence. Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs have experienced the trauma of abortion. Still more have contemplated ending a pregnancy. As a post-abortive parent or grandparent, a parent who considered abortion, or as the son or daughter of parents who shared their abortion experience, you may feel alone or isolated, but you are far from it. You may feel trapped in the shadows of secrecy and shame, but you’ll find hope—and compassion—waiting in the light.

Step 1: Watch Catherine’s LIFEstory

Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of Americans United for Life, is a warrior for life. She’s also a post-abortive mother, and for that reason our mission is deeply personal. Discover her story.

Step 2: Share your LIFEstory

Our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters—those who have been victims of abortion—may not be with us physically, but they have shaped our lives. You are welcome to remember and speak of them here.

Whether you’ve had an abortion, contemplated abortion, or simply love someone who has, we invite you to share with others your story, reflections, emotions, and thoughts.

Sharing your story can be a freeing acknowledgment of your experience and a powerful remembrance of or tribute to your child or loved one. It can also rebuild community and break the grip of shame: letting another mother, father, or grandparent know that whatever choices they have made or will make, they are not alone. If you have been impacted by abortion—no matter who you are or how you feel about it—we’d love to hear your LIFEstory. Share your story and AUL will send you a “Love Life Always” wristband in celebration of your courage!