Defending Life is America's pro-life playbook for robust law and policy solutions

Americans United for Life is proud to announce the release of the 16th Anniversary Edition of “Defending Life,” America’s pro-life playbook. Discover where your state ranks on our “Life List 2021” and plan for state legislative sessions to advance the human right to life in culture, law, and policy.

“Defending Life,” America’s Pro-Life Playbook, is a critical tool that combines more than 50 pieces of Americans United for Life model law and policy with expert analysis and comprehensive state report cards into a powerful non-partisan guide for lawmakers and policy advocates across America to protect human life.

In “Defending Life,” Americans United for Life comprehensively addresses the human right to life through its Infants’ Protection Project, Women’s Protection Project, and Patients’ Protection Project; expertly tackles the law and policy challenges for the pro-life movement; and reports on recent legislative and courtroom victories, continuing progress toward protecting life in each of the 50 states, and emerging issues and trends.

Americans United for Life is proud to have worked with lawmakers and policy advocates across the country to help pass these indispensable, life-affirming measures in 2019, and we believe that “Defending Life” will be essential for pro-life lawmakers over the upcoming year to ensure that we continue working toward an America where all are welcomed throughout life and protected in law.