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AUL's CEO Search Position Profile

From the Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Americans United for Life (AUL), thank you for considering this significant opportunity. Americans United for Life—America’s first Pro-Life Legal and Policy organization—is seeking its next Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a champion for life, who will lead AUL into the future with a keen sense of popular culture along with the poise and presence of mind to influence that culture, while remaining focused on AUL’s short-term and long-term goals.

This Position Profile provides an overview of the organization, the opportunity, the role, and links to information that are designed to assist you in your exploration.

Building on the historic Dobbs decision, which returned the right to create and enforce abortion laws to the people and their elected representatives, AUL has an underlying motivation: everyone is an equal member of the human family, equally worthy of respect, solidarity, and love, and therefore, has a right to life. Guiding the mission and strategic objectives of AUL, the CEO will serve as a public witness to this motivation.

Our next CEO will be an influential leader who advances AUL’s vision, mission, and methods, while providing executive leadership for the overall management, financial condition, performance, and operational planning of the organization.

We desire an America where abortion is no longer in demand. We will accomplish this by continuing to produce top-quality legal and policy work, while also speaking directly to Americans—showing them that, no matter the circumstance, choosing life is always the better choice. The law, combined with persuading the public, will be our priorities, and will accomplish our vision.

We are grateful for your interest in advancing our mission in the cause of life.

Jay Cunningham, Chair
Americans United for Life

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