Americans United for Life is proud to release Defending Life 2021, the 16th edition of our flagship legal publication. Defending Life is AUL’s “Pro-Life Playbook,” a resource designed to provide both state legislators and local allies with the information and tools needed to pass laws that will defend human life from conception to natural death.

AUL’s President and CEO, Catherine Glenn Foster, opens Defending Life with Envisioning the Opportunities and Challenges of the Next 50 Years, a visionary challenge to the Pro-Life Movement to celebrate our victories and build upon them for the future. AUL Senior Counsel Clarke D. Forsythe’s annual survey of the gains for Life in courts across the country concludes, Roe is Teetering – and We Need to Push It Over. And Governmental Affairs Counsel Katie Glenn offers her annual report on progress made in the fifty states over the past year.

The heart of Defending Life is the state report cards, which include rankings of all 50 states and the District of Columbia by strength of their pro-life policy, as well as summaries of their existing laws and AUL’s recommendations for future pro-life policy. Every state is ranked based on the quality of its laws covering abortion, bioethics, suicide by physician, and healthcare rights of conscience, as well as whether those laws are in effect. This year, AUL has been privileged to announce that Arkansas ranks #1 in protecting human life!

Defending Life expands on the suggestions covered in the recommendations by providing useful information and summaries of AUL’s Infants’ Protection Project, Women’s Protection Project, and Patient’s Protection Project. Altogether, and with other AUL model bills that protect Life in bioethics, healthcare funding and critical medical care settings, these three projects make up over 50 pieces of model legislation designed to protect and promote life in ways that can withstand judicial review.

With Defending Life 2021, you’ll have the tools to join us as we work toward a future where all are welcomed throughout life and protected in law!

You can download AUL’s Defending Life 2021 for free here or purchase a hard copy on Amazon.