The first month of 2018 is in the books, and it has already been an exciting month for the Americans United for Life team, as we move forward with our fight to protect mothers and babies! Here are some highlights:

AUL Released Defending Life 2018 and the 2018 Life List

Defending Life, which has been called “the pro-life playbook,” is an important tool that combines more than 50 pieces of our model legislation, expert analysis, and 50 state report cards into a single non-partisan guide to assist legislators across the nation in protecting human life from conception to natural death.

We also released the 2018 Life List, announcing that Arizona has gained our highly coveted #1 ranking this year, closely followed by Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kansas.

Sadly, for the ninth year in a row, Washington remained the state where women and their children have the fewest legal protections, followed by California, Vermont, New Jersey, and Oregon.

The AUL Legal Team filed an amicus brief in the upcoming Supreme Court case NIFLA v. Beccera!

AUL authored the brief on behalf of leading pro-life medical groups, including the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists, the American College of Pediatricians, and the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

“Individuals and organizations committed to preserving and protecting human life should never be forced to advocate for abortion,” said AUL’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Steven H. Aden. “Governmental power should be used to protect conscience rights, not to coerce those who value human life at all stages of development. AUL is proud to defend pro-life pregnancy care centers and the amazing volunteers and medical professionals that work there. They are offering vulnerable women hope and a true choice, and their right to free speech must be protected.”

AUL Marched for Life

Participating in the March for Life is always a highlight for the AUL Team! In addition to marching alongside the hundreds of thousands of other pro-lifers from around the country, AUL team members were able to participate in a number of events surrounding the March for Life.

Our President & CEO Catherine Glenn Foster spoke at the annual Law of Life Summit, where she and AUL’s Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel Steven H. Aden updated leaders from around the nation on AUL’s 2017 victories, and our goals for 2018.

Catherine and Steve were also honored to be invited to a pro-life leader’s reception at the White House, hosted by pro-life champion Vice President Mike Pence the night before the March.

Additionally, Catherine was asked to speak at the Students for Life of America East Coast Conference in Maryland, where she was able to educate more than 4,000 students on how AUL is fighting against Physician Assisted Suicide and what they can do to help.

AUL at the Heritage Foundation

Earlier this week, I was invited by our friends at the Heritage Foundation to represent AUL on a panel discussing administrative and legislative pro-life victories in 2017, as well as what still needs to be accomplished in 2018.

Reports that Cecile Richards is stepping down as Planned Parenthood’s President!

In the 12 years since Cecile Richards began leading Planned Parenthood, AUL’s legal team has observed a number of key trends in Planned Parenthood’s abortion-centric business model, previously detailed in our publication “Abortion, Inc.”

These trends continued once again in the 2016-2017 report, and include:

Increase in Scope of Abortion Business

  • Overall, abortion numbers have increased 13% since 2006.
  • The data showed that abortion totals were 321,384 which is slightly down from last year’s 328,348.
  • When combining all pregnancy services (abortions, prenatal care, miscarriage services, and adoption referrals) abortions accounted for 96% of services to pregnant women.
  • Adoption referrals made up roughly 1% of pregnancy services.
  • Prenatal services dropped 18% from last year, and are down 81% from 2009 when Planned Parenthood began reporting this specific category
  • The newest category, “miscarriage services” fell by 43% from last year.
  • Abortion patients made up 13.4% of Planned Parenthood’s patient total for 2016-2017.

Decrease in Life-Saving, Life-Affirming Care

  • Cancer screening and prevention services have fallen 67% since 2006.
  • This includes a 60% decrease in the number of breast exams performed since 2006.
  • Cancer screening and prevention services fell .7% since last year’s report.
  • HPV vaccinations, Colposcopy and Cryotherapy services all fell.
  • Contraceptive services decreased 4% from last year’s numbers.

Revenue Continues to Rise, as Numbers of Patients Decreases

  • Total number of patients remained stagnant at 2.4 million, a 22.5% total decrease from the number of patients seen in 2006.
  • Total services increased approximately half a percent over 2015-2016 numbers, but have fallen 6% overall since 2006.
  • Federal funding for Planned Parenthood has increased 78% since 2006, for a total of $543,700,000 in 2016-2017.
  • Planned Parenthood’s total revenues have increased 62% since 2006.
  • Planned Parenthood’s reported total excess of revenue over expenses (profit) for 2016-2017 was $98,500,000, which is a 27% increase from 2015-2016 totals.
  • Planned Parenthood’s profits have nearly doubled since 2006.

We have had a truly extraordinary start to 2018. We cannot wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds, and how much we can accomplish with your support! Together we can make 2018 a banner year in the fight for life.