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AUL in the News: Christian Examiner on Geron pulling out of embyronic stem cell research

Christian Examiner’s story quotes AUL’s Mailee Smith:

Mailee Smith, an attorney with the pro-life Americans United for Life, said there is an obvious explanation to Geron’s decision.

“There simply is no money in research that yields no results,” Mailee Smith wrote at the Americans United for Life website. ” … Clearly, investors don’t want to put money into research that will not pay off.”

She expressed hope that more researchers will begin examining non-embryonic forms of research.

“We can hope it is the bell toll for unethical and unproductive embryo stem cell research,” Mailee Smith wrote. “But it will not have a devastating impact on the field of ‘stem cell research’ as a whole.”

The above story quoted Smith’s blog post on the subject. Click here to read it. The story was picked up from a Baptist Press report that can be found here.

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