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Mexico Supreme Court agrees with AUL brief in Mexico’s “Roe v. Wade”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (09-29-11) — In a monumental decision yesterday, the Supreme Court of Mexico upheld an amendment in the constitution of the Mexican state of Baja California providing that life begins at conception. AUL had filed an amicus brief in the case as part of its international project, arguing in favor of the amendment.

One of the AUL attorneys who worked on the case, Mailee Smith stated, “We argued before the Supreme Court of Mexico that the Court should respect Baja’s amendment because it protects women from the physical and psychological harms inherent in abortion.  With the Court’s decision, Baja can move forward to further protect both women and the unborn.”

Because the case dealt with whether a state can restrict abortion under the federal constitution in Mexico, the case had been dubbed Mexico’s “Roe v. Wade.”  The decision declared that the state’s constitution did not conflict with the nation’s constitution, because the rights of the unborn have long been recognized in Mexican federal law.

AUL’s amicus brief is available in Spanish and English.

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