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AUL Tells HHS Despite the Hype, Health Care law DOES provide funding for Abortion

Keeping tax dollars from the abortion industry under the proposed regulations would be impossible, said AUL’s Mary Harned

WASHINGTON, D.C. (09-28-11) — AUL attorney Mary Harned filed a comment letter with Health and Human Services today regarding implementation of part of the advancing health care law.  The proposed rule includes specifications on how the insurance Exchange will be set up regarding abortion, in which the option of funding for abortion would be allowed under President Obama’s health care law.  Keeping tax dollars from the abortion industry in such an arrangement “would be impossible,” said Harned.

“No matter how foolproof the segregation requirements, you can’t change the fact that the law goes against the status quo and subsidizes abortion coverage with tax dollars,” she observed.  “In spite of repeated attempts by the Administration to persuade us otherwise, pro-life Americans know that the Affordable Care Act is not ‘fully consistent’ with other federal laws pertaining to abortion funding.  Further, the new regulations proposed by HHS do not resolve one of the Act’s fundamental flaws—insurance plans eligible to receive federal funds are still permitted to cover abortions, in stark contrast to existing federal law, including the Hyde Amendment.”

Click here to read the letter.