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Public Opinion Does Not Support Obama Administration’s Mandate

It is not a tiny minority that stands in opposition to the Obama Administration mandate that nearly all insurance plans cover the “full range of FDA approved contraception.”  In fact, more Americans oppose the Obama Administration’s mandate than support it. 

As a Rasmussen poll reveals, 46% oppose forcing “contraceptive” coverage, while only 39% approve.  This fact is a vast contrast to mainstream media coverage of the “preventive services” mandate, which would instead lead one to believe the mandate was welcomed with open arms by nearly everyone except a few stodgy, old Catholic bishops.  

The issue is not one of women versus men, either.  Women’s opinion, according to the Rasmussen poll, was nearly evenly split.  Only 40% of women approve, while 42% of women oppose the mandate. 

Rasmussen did not mention that abortion-inducing drugs and devices, such as ella, are included in the Obama Administration’s mandate.  Rather, the question posed was general, “Should health insurance companies be required by law to cover all government-approved contraceptives for women, without co-payments or other charges to the patient?”   

Though the rationale for opposing the mandate assuredly varies, what is clear from that data is that far more Americans oppose the coercive measure than the narrowly-defined category of “religious employers” that the Obama Administration is willing to exempt.