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AUL in the News: Jill Stanek on the Planned Parenthood Report

Jill Stanek

The momentum for defunding Planned Parenthood at the state level is about to go national.
Today Americans United for Life is releasing the report, “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,” which analyzes the scandal-ridden abortion provider that taxpayers support with over $363 million annually.
AUL’s report, following years of legal research of more than 20 years of records, documents the known and alleged abuses by Planned Parenthood, including the misuse of federal health care and family planning funds, failure to report criminal child sexual abuse, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, assisting those in engaged in prostitution and/or sex trafficking, and dangerous misuse of the abortion drug RU-486.
While other investigations have dealt with PP on a case-by-case, clinic-by-clinic, and state-by-state basis, this is the first comprehensive report/investigation to demonstrate systemic, organization-wide fraud and abuse that Planned Parenthood Federation of America, not local affiliates, must answer for.
Before other organizations have been defunded, they have often been investigated to determine if they deserve the continued generosity of the American taxpayer. The AUL report provides the foundation for deciding whether to fund Planned Parenthood at the state and federal levels.

Click here for the complete report.

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