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AUL successes in the states start rolling in

AUL has had several successes in the last 24 hours as state legislatures hit crunch time where bills are either passed or passed over for the year.

  • Nebraska: The legislature just passed AUL’s opt-out of the abortion mandate in the federal health care law. Many thanks to Senator Beau McCoy and his tireless efforts to see this bill through the process despite an extensive filibuster attempt. The bill is now headed to Governor Heineman who is expected to sign the legislation.
  • Still in Nebraska: LB 690, Senator Lydia Brasch’s priority bill that would upgrade Nebraska’s parental notification to parental consent, finally passed out of committee and is headed to floor. Research has shown that parental notification laws cause a state’s abortion rate to fall by an average of 5% while parental consent typically results in a more than 18% reduction in abortion. Passage of this legislation could result in over 100 babies per year saved in Nebraska.
  • Oklahoma: Governor Mary Fallin signed HB 1970, which will regulate abortion-inducing drugs such as RU486. These drugs are routinely prescribed off-label in contravention of the FDA-approved drug label, a process that maximizes the profit of abortion providers while risking women’s health. Many thanks to Rep. Randy Grau and Sen. Greg Treat for their leadership on this bill.
  • Texas: The Senate Judiciary Committee has also passed AUL’s regulation on abortion-inducing drugs sponsored by Senator Dan Patrick. The bill is now headed to floor and is in danger of being blocked by abortion advocates.

More successes are just around the corner as additional bills come to final consideration. Join the our email list and watch our Twitter feed for updates.