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AUL in the News: Maine Pro-Life Legislation

Yesterday, AUL’s Dan McConchie testified on three pro-life bills in Maine. Click here to listen to his testimony.

Some of the media coverage of the hearing is excerpted below.

The Kennebec Journal discusses the legislation, the hearings, and mentions AUL’s support:

L.D. 116, sponsored by state Rep. Tyler Clark, R-Easton, imposes a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion, except in the case of a medical emergency. L.D. 924, sponsored by state Rep. Eleanor Espling, R-New Gloucester, requires that government-approved information, yet to be developed, must be read and handed over in writing to women seeking an abortion at least 24 hours before the abortion is performed. And L.D. 1457, sponsored by state Rep. Dale Crafts, R-Lisbon, requires written, notarized parental consent for abortions performed on women under 21 years old, with some exceptions.

The Morning Sentinel also reported on the hearings.

The Maine Public Broadcasting Network quoted McConchie:

And Daniel McConchie of Americans United For Life says Maine’s law that requires a responsible adult to provide consent to an abortion seems designed to bypass the parent, which he is why he says LD 1457 is necessary.

“So a minor’s consenting adult family member can be a distant relative, it can be actually the perpetrator of sexual abuse themselves,” said McConchie. “LD 1457 would change Maine law to ensure that in most circumstances, only a parent or guardian is given the right to consent to minor’s abortion. It recognizes that minors also are sometimes the victims of abuse by the parents or guardians themselves, so it provides for alternate consent in those situations and then also allows for judicial bypass as well.”

LifeNews.com also quoted McConchie:

“This legislation provides women and the parents of pregnant minors every opportunity to be knowledgeably informed about an abortion procedure before choosing whether to undergo one,” said McConchie. “These commonsense bills will ensure all women get more information about the risks of abortion and ensure a young girl’s parents are involved in the decision-making process. These are bills everyone, regardless of views on abortion, can get behind and support.”

The Times-Record also reported on this bill:

The underage consent bill from Rep. Dale Crafts, R-Lisbon, would help protect minors from abuse, argued Daniel McConchie of Americans United for Life. Maine’s current law allows minors to seek adult support from a distant relative or unrelated counselor, he noted, paving the way for an underage girl to be exploited by the very adult who is abusing her. Parental consent should be required for any minor seeking an abortion, he said, unless the minor can persuade a court that her home life is abusive or neglectful. Crafts’ bill, he said, will ensure parents’ involvement and “protect minors who are making a monumental decision.”

AUL also submitted written testimony on these bills.

Written Testimony: