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AUL’s Saunders Spoke on Physician-Assisted Suicide, Rights of Conscience Last Week

Last week, AUL Senior Vice President & Senior Counsel William Saunders addressed three audiences to discuss various topics.

On Friday, Saunders spoke to the Society for Law, Life, and Religion at Harvard Law School. The topic was “Freedom of Conscience At Risk around the World.”

A recent column by Saunders published by The Catholic Thing also covered the issue of conscience rights. For more information on this subject, click here.

Earlier in the week, Saunders spoke to the St. Thomas More Scholars of Belmont Abbey College. The topic was “Assisted Suicide: Courage, Compassion, and the Truth.”

This past Saturday Saunders spoke on “Why Doctor-Prescribed Death Should Not Be Legalized” at the Massachusetts Citizens for Life Convention.

In February, a Saunders column on physician-assisted suicide was published by Politico. For more information on end of life issues, click here.

Below are pictures from the three speeches:

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