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AUL Commends Idaho Governor and State Legislators for Ensuring that Tax Dollars Do Not Subsidize Abortion Coverage

“The political leaders in Idaho showed great respect for the convictions of their citizens by affirming Idaho’s longstanding policy of keeping tax dollars out of the abortion business,” said AUL’s Dr. Charmaine Yoest.

BOISE, ID (04-05-11) – Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest noted “another pro-life landslide” in the passage of SB 1115, which keeps state tax monies out of insurance exchanges that cover abortion. The Idaho State House voted 56 – 13 – 1 to pass the bill which opts the state out of abortion subsidizing insurance exchanges mandated through President Obama’s Health Care law. Dr. Yoest also praised Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter for signing the pro-life protections into law.

“Protecting the American taxpayer from participation in the abortion industry is a bi-partisan effort,” Dr. Yoest said. “Pro-life Americans everywhere are thankful for the efforts of the Idaho House and Senate and for the support of Gov. Otter who understands the importance of respecting life in our health care programs.”

The opt-out legislation, SB 1115, which prohibits the use of federal subsidies for abortion coverage in state insurance exchanges, was based on AUL’s model legislation. AUL’s Idaho state director Christ Troupis worked closely with the legislators and David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life to move the effort forward.

Dr. Yoest noted, “Pregnancy is not a disease for which abortion is the cure. Abortion is not health care and should not be included in these insurance plans at taxpayers’ expense.”

For more information on public funding restrictions on abortions, go to:

To track the legislation’s progress throughout the session, check out AUL’s Legislative Watch for the bill’s current status at:

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