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Oklahoma Legislative News

Tulsa World

Last year, the state Legislature overrode then-Gov. Brad Henry’s veto to enact a law that requires women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound within an hour of the procedure and have the results orally explained.

That law was put on hold after Reproductive Services of Tulsa filed a lawsuit challenging the legislation’s constitutionality.

It was one of seven bills passed during last year’s session that restricted abortion, earning the state a No. 1 ranking this year in the Americans United for Life’s annual “Life List.”Grau said abortion “is the moral equivalent of slavery, if not worse.”

The large number of bills introduced restricting abortion can probably be attributed to more supportive leadership at the Capitol this year. Legislators, advocates and health professionals should not shy away from meeting with each other to discuss topics such as abortion, Grau said.

“I think it’s time in Oklahoma that we have that debate,” he said.