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Media coverage of how Mother Jones & Huffington Post Got it Wrong on AUL’s Model Legislation

Americans United for Life responded to Mother Jones & Huffington Post yesterday.

Others in the media reported on this same story since then. Excerpts and links are below.


Americans United for Life is the sponsor of the model language South Dakota legislators relied on for their controversial bill — but the lawmakers made changes to the bill that went beyond the scope and intent of the model language AUL put together.

Still, that didn’t stop the pro-abortion publications from attacking the pro-life group.

The American Spectator

Over the past two years, several states have enacted legislation intended to punish criminal violence against pregnant women, and to provide legal protection for women who defend their unborn children against such attacks. Abortion-rights activists, however, claim that the laws — based on model legislation proposed by Americans United for Life — would actually authorize violence against abortion providers.

Mother Jones promoted that distortion today in an article by Nick Baumann and Daniel Schulman with the misleading headline: “Revealed: The Group Behind the Bills that Could Legalize Killing Abortion Providers.” The article offers a conspiratorial take on the Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act, saying the laws are “part of a campaign orchestrated” by AUL (which, in fact, has been very public about its advocacy).

Pajamas Media

The AUL law, as it strikes me, is intended to boost both a woman’s choice to carry her child to term, and her inherent right of self-defense. Which of these do the HuffPosters and Mother Jonesers find so problematic as to warrant a smear campaign?

Hot Air

So the Mother Jones article not only mischaracterizes the legislation AUL is promoting, the article also falsely claims to be “revealing” a fact that was already entirely public.

Daniel McConchie of AUL at LifeSiteNews

Current articles from Mother Jones and the Huffington Post try to distort this support for pregnant women in an attempt to derail similar legislation in the states. This is a shame. Thousands of pregnant women are assaulted or killed each year and deserve the explicit right to defend their unborn children from harm. It is time they stopped confusing their pro-choice rhetoric with their anti-life ideology.

The Other McCain

Nothing is easier than to fool a liberal, and journalists do this all the time by claiming to have exposed the allegedly nefarious and secretive actions of conservatives when, in fact, (a) conservatives were doing more nefarious than the ordinary business of political advocacy, and (b) the “secrets” supposedly exposed were never secret at all. Such is the story behind this Mother Jones headline today[.]

The Sundries Shack

Yes, we’re all very shocked that a national pro-life group would push for a pro-life law. However, if would be helpful if, along with its shock, Mother Jones had gotten the facts straight.