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AUL urges Virginia to opt out of the abortion coverage in President Obama’s health care law

AUL attorney Mary Harned says Virginia has “the legal right to opt out and the absolute support of a majority of Americans.”

RICHMOND, VA. – (02-17-11) – Americans United for Life staff counsel Mary Harned testified before the Virginia Senate Committee on Education and Health on Thursday, urging the Commonwealth to opt out of a part of President Obama’s Health Care plan which presently allows insurance plans that cover abortion to participate in state exchanges.

In the general assembly building, Harned made her comments, noting, “70 percent of Americans – both pro-life and pro-choice – do not want to see tax dollars going to pay for abortions or abortion coverage.”

During her testimony, Harned said, “The Guttmacher Institute, which advocates for unfettered and taxpayer-funded access to abortion, confirms that more women have abortions when they are covered by public programs.  Given that more women have abortions when they are covered by public programs, and public or private insurance coverage of a procedure generally leads to increased usage of that procedure, there is a high probability that the incidence of abortion in Virginia would increase with the subsidization of private insurance plans that cover abortions.”