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Yoest Predicts Healthcare to Come Up First, Fast, and Furious

AUL’s President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest will be among those attending events today marking the swearing in of now Speaker-elect John Boehner, giving her a front row seat to a historic shift of power and the proper vantage point to engage in one of Washington, D.C.’s favorite pastimes – prognostication.

With that in mind, AUL notes that coming first, fast, and furious will be GOP efforts to repeal and replace President Obama’s bloated pro-abortion health care law. Already liberal pundits are attacking any efforts to curtail the unpopular piece of legislation. But AUL attorneys note that the health care law not only allows for taxpayer funded abortion, it opens the door to life-ending rationed care for the elderly and gives expansive powers to agencies and officials not elected by the public who will be forced to deal with their life and death decisions.

“I predict that we will see changes in President Obama’s pro-abortion health care plan and in other pro-life measures as a result of pro-life leadership taking their places in Washington, D.C. today,” said Yoest.

Look for Speaker Boehner, who pledged to be the most pro-life Speaker in history, to work closely with AUL and the pro-life movement on a number of key legislative initiatives. And for more information on problems with Obama’s health care law, click here to read AUL’s legal analysis.