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Why ABC v. Ireland is important

William Saunders of AUL wrote an article in Human Life Review‘s Summer 2010 issue that is an in-depth analysis of ABC v. Ireland. A ruling in the case is expected within the next day, so we are revisiting that article now. Saunders was legal consult to pro-life intervenors in the case. The Joint Written Observations of Third Party Interveners can be found here.

An excerpt:

Though ABC v. Ireland is simply one case, in one country, involving only
three plaintiffs, it nevertheless has far-reaching implications, both for Ireland
and for the greater international community. Supra-national governing
bodies are a product of a 20th-century desire for international cooperation.
These institutions, such as the U.N. and the European Union, are meant to
prevent a small but powerful tyranny from trampling upon inviolable human
rights. ABC v. Ireland could represent a departure from this model by allowing
a small number of pro-abortion activists to define what customary international
law is on the issue of abortion.

Click here to read the whole Human Life Review article. A news release on this case can also be found here.