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Alaska Parental Notice Law Takes Effect

Despite an effort by Planned Parenthood to have the law enjoined, the Alaska parental notification law (approved by voters in August 2010) will go into effect during litigation.

However, Superior Court Judge John Suddock did enjoin portions of the law’s enforcement mechanism; namely, he blocked the portions of the law enumerating criminal penalties and civil liability if an abortion provider fails to abide by the parental notification law. He allowed a provision providing for license revocation to stand.

AUL has long been involved in the fight in Alaska and elsewhere to protect minors from the harms inherent in abortion and to promote the legal right of parents to be involved in the medical decisions of their daughters. In 2004, AUL attorneys filed an amicus curiae brief in the Alaska Supreme Court in support of an earlier parental consent law that was ultimately struck down. Later, AUL provided information and counsel to allies supporting the law currently being challenged by Planned Parenthood.

AUL will continue to monitor and provide assistance as this case moves forward.