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Senators Reject Taxpayer-Funded Abortion on Military Bases

Yesterday afternoon, a group of pro-life Senators led the way to block the Department of Defense (DoD) Authorization bill which included language allowing military hospitals and personnel to be used for elective abortions paid for by Americans’ tax dollars.  The 57-40 vote in the U.S. Senate fell 3 votes short of the 60 votes the bill’s proponents needed to move it forward.

AUL CEO and President Dr. Charmaine Yoest commended the Senators for their “commitment to protecting our men and women in the military so that they do not become the means to advance abortion advocates’ goal of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.”

She made the following statement:

“We applaud the outstanding leaders in the Senate who led the fight to win today’s key vote rejecting taxpayer-funded abortion in the military. They stood on principle and scored again a major victory for our service members and their families.  We know that more than 70 percent of Americans oppose taxpayerfunding of abortion, and this vote reflected the moral and fiscal values of Americans.”

The vote was a major setback for the abortion industry’s agenda in Washington, D.C. as its proponents fight to expand abortion without limitations and at any price.

“The momentum is on the side of Life,” said Yoest. “We stopped taxpayer-funded abortion on military bases for the second time this year against overwhelming odds in the Senate. Situations such as these where every vote counts underscores why we must remain steadfast in our fight.”

The fight to stop the Burris Amendment to the Defense Authorization bill has been a long one, but – after yesterday’s vote – experts believe that the issue is now dead during this Lame Duck session.

“Our goal,” Yoest stated, “is to stop bad measures like the Burris Amendment. But we have an overarching goal too, which is to restore a culture of Life in America and to stop the abortion industry’s exploitation of women. This is why it is vital that we elect a Senate in 2012 that values and respects Life.”