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AUL Calls for Removal of the Burris Amendment

WASHINGTON, D.C. (12-01-10) – AUL CEO and President Dr. Charmaine Yoest called attempts to force taxpayer-funded abortion into military medical facilities in the current Department of Defense Authorization bill “outrageous and a callous disregard for the purpose of our military medical system, which is to serve our fighting men and women.”

She made the following statement:

“The Burris Amendment reveals anew the political ambition of the abortion industry — to turn every medical facility and unwilling medical personnel into subsidiaries of the radical abortion movement. This misguided amendment plays politics with soldiers’ lives and meddles in the care available to our fighting men and women.

“Written by former Democratic Senator Roland Burris, this amendment decimates commonsense pro-life policy and allows military hospitals and personnel to be used for elective abortions. Furthermore, it forces American taxpayers to fund abortion on military bases, instead of devoting those funds to the routine and emergency medical needs of our men and women in uniform and their families. Already, at least 200 military physicians have signed a letter opposing the Burris Amendment.

“Americans United for Life remains committed to protecting our men and women in the military so that they do not become the means to advance abortion advocates’ goal of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand. We are calling for the removal of the Burris Amendment from the DoD Authorization bill so that abortion proponents will be unable to exploit our military women or their health care, and so that our military bases remain safe havens for the men and women who fight to safeguard our country.

“The Burris Amendment is a strategic means to an ignoble end: unregulated, unrestricted and unapologetic abortion-on-demand. It is a clear and present danger to the unborn and to our cherished freedoms, and it is an outrage to suggest that abortion is required for military readiness.”