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Saunders Speaks to University of Virginia Law Advocates for Life

Virginia Law Advocates for Life, one of Advocates for Life’s newest Chapters, invited William Saunders, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel at AUL, to speak at its first event, “Let’s Chat About Being Pro-Life.”  The event was an opportunity to begin what Chris Schandevel, President of Virginia Law Advocates for Life, hopes will become an on-going discussion at the law school about issues involving the dignity of innocent human life.

Saunders led the discussion, sharing his own story about how he became pro-life.  Law students then spent several minutes sharing their own personal stories about becoming pro-life.  Next, Saunders fielded students’ questions concerning how to respond to certain pro-abortion arguments.  Finally, Saunders closed the event by talking about ways in which pro-life attorneys can further the pro-life cause within the legal profession regardless of the specific career path they choose.


“I believe this event provided a valuable opportunity for law students who share a mutual respect for the dignity of innocent human life to learn from each other and from someone who has devoted much of his legal career to promoting a pro-life society,” Schandevel reflected.  “It is my prayer that through such simple conversations, the relationships they help to form, and the coordinated efforts they then facilitate, hearts and minds—and along with them laws and policies—will be changed to reflect the dignity and worth of every human life.”

For more information about Advocates for Life, or to request a speaker to speak at your law school, please contact advocates@aul.org.  You can also become a fan of Advocates for Life on Facebook here. Advocates for Life is a national association of pro-life law students in affiliation with Americans United for Life and Lawyers for Life.