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Burke: We are winning the battle for life

Denise Burke, Vice President of Legal Affairs for AUL, guest-blogged earlier this week at USCatholic.org. Burke’s guest post was made as part of Respect Life month guest-blogging at the site.

An excerpt from Burke’s post:

As I surveyed the past decade, I drew a great deal of sustenance and even pride from the pro-life movement’s progress toward a renewed culture of life. We have persevered in the face of substantial and sustained obstacles. And we have succeeded in influencing both the law and the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens–much to the consternation of the intellectual and media “elites” who are desperate to have us believe that the time for meaningful “debate” is over and those supporting abortion, destructive human embryo research, euthanasia, and other elements of the anti-life agenda have prevailed.

But, have you noticed how desperate anti-life forces now seem to be to believe their own rhetoric? Or how assiduously they attempt to avoid any real debate of the issues? They want to declare a premature “victory” because they cannot comprehend that a majority of Americans now identify themselves as “pro-life” and refuse to accept a radical “status quo” of abortion-on-demand, the willful destruction of nascent human life, and the increasing victimization of the sick, the elderly, and the disabled.

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