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Planned Parenthood Group Bypassing the Law?

Iowa law requires that any abortion in the state must be performed by a doctor. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland appears to be violating this standard by using videoconferencing to consult with patients and dispense the abortion drug RU-486 remotely rather than actually having a doctor present.

As a result, Americans United for Life has joined dozens of pro-life and pro-family organizations in sending a letter to the Iowa Board of Medicine opposing Planned Parenthood’s misuse of telemedicine – treating a patient over the phone, using videoconferencing, or online – to bypass the Iowa law when dispensing RU-486.

The letter, co-signed by AUL, notes, “The absence of a licensed physician performing a physical examination poses a significant health threat to the mother of the unborn child. An examination could reveal potential risk factors that may prevent a physician from prescribing RU-486 to the patient. These risk factors, if unidentified, could lead to excessive bleeding, infection, and death. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is ignoring this basic tenet of care by passing responsibility and directing patients to the emergency room if complications do occur.”

We’ll keep you posted as this issue develops. To read the letter, click here.