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Abortionist in Indiana Opposed to Accountability

With help from Americans United for Life, attorneys in a northeast Indiana county secured a victory for those who believe that abortionists should be held accountable for endangering women’s health and possibly their lives.

Denise Burke, a senior attorney with AUL and a recognized expert on regulating abortion facilities and providers, provided critical legal assistance to attorneys in Allen County, Indiana, as they worked to defend an important new law.

In 2008, local officials became concerned over reports that travelling doctors were putting patients at risk by performing medical procedures and then heading out of the area, leaving patients without critical follow-up care. In response to this continuing problem, Allen County passed a law that requires doctors to let patients know how to reach them or how to reach another doctor who can assist with follow-up care.

Although the law covers any physician traveling into Allen County to perform medical procedures, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer – an abortionist – was the only physician to challenge its constitutionality and applicability.

“It is the height of hypocrisy for abortionists and abortion advocates to claim that abortion is simply a common, ‘mainstream’ medical procedure and then seek to avoid medically-appropriate and generally-applicable rules and regulations designed to ensure patient health and safety,” commented Burke.

Klopfer, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and the Center for Reproductive Rights, asked that the entire law be thrown out. The federal judge presiding over the case, while agreeing to halt a few minor aspects of the new law, ultimately allowed it to go into effect.