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AUL Opposes Pro-Abortion Proposed Constitution in Kenya

Americans United for Life has joined with pro-life leaders around the world to oppose passage of the pro-abortion proposed constitution in Kenya.

On August 4, 2010, Kenyans will vote on a proposed constitution through a national referendum.  The constitution would change Kenyan law from one that protects the right to life of the unborn to one that enshrines abortion-on-demand as a constitutional right.

AUL has co-signed a petition highlighting several concerns about this radical change.

Notably, abortion-on-demand is not what Kenyans want.  The insertion of pro-abortion language was the work of a “Committee of Experts” which included three non-Kenyans.  Kenyan Parliamentarians had rejected such language in the draft process.  The referendum rules, however, do not allow Kenyans to vote on specific provisions.  Thus, Kenyans are being forced to either reject the whole proposed constitution or to accept a Western anti-life agenda that polls confirm they oppose.

In addition to those provisions that clearly constitutionalize a right to abortion, the proposed constitution produced by the “Committee of Experts” establishes a Human Rights & Equality Commission to ensure “compliance with obligations” under treaties and human rights conventions.  While in reality no such right to abortion exists in these documents, Kenya will be subjected to continued pressure to expand abortion “rights” and “access” as United Nations entities have argued that treaties and human rights conventions require nations to liberalize abortion laws.

Studies show liberalizing abortion laws leads to higher abortion rates.  The unborn – whose right to life the constitution strips – are not the only ones hurt.  Abortion harms women, too.  Kenyan women deserve holistic support and better medical care.  They do not deserve the imposition of a Western abortion regime.

There is no easy mechanism to amend the constitution once it passes.  Moreover, the appropriate levels of government to enact such change will not even be in place before 2012.  Therefore, action is required now.

Americans United for Life, along with pro-life leaders world-wide, declares “our solidarity with those Kenyans who are standing up for the most vulnerable among us – the unborn child and his or her mother – and support the ‘No’ campaign.”