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Missouri 5th State to opt out of taxpayer-funded abortions

New law includes significant informed consent enhancements

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (7/14/2010) – Today, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will allow SB 793 to become law without his signature, which will significantly enhance the state’s informed consent protections for pregnant women and make Missouri the fifth state to opt-out of the abortion mandate in the federal health care law.

“We applaud our allies in the Missouri legislature for dramatically enhancing the informed consent protections for women in Missouri and making Missouri the fifth state to opt out of taxpayer-funded abortion,” said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO, Americans United for Life. “This new law protects women, their unborn children, and taxpayers making it a win for everyone in the state.”

AUL’s State Director Kerry Messer worked extensively with Senate sponsor Rob Mayer on the legislation.  Sen. Mayer stated:

“Throughout my career, I have had a strong pro-life record, and today is really a big leap forward in protecting the lives of the unborn.  I truly believe that anyone who can hear the heartbeat of these children, or see the pain the child goes through, and is told about the many options they have, will ultimately choose life.”

The new informed consent law includes many new provisions, including:

  • Women must be advised of the risks of abortion, given information about the physiological characteristics of their unborn child, be presented with what resources are available to women who choose to bring their child to term, and the information can only be given to a woman by a physician or qualified professional.
  • Women must be given the opportunity to view an ultrasound, learn about the pain an unborn child may feel during a later term abortion, and to have access to a telephone if she is at the abortion facility under duress from a third party.
  • Insurance plans in the soon-to-be-created federal health care exchanges which are subsidized by taxpayer dollars cannot offer abortion coverage in their health plans