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Harned: Was Kagan ‘Just Doing Her Job’ on Citizens United Case?

Mary Harned writes the following at Human Events:

Sen. Hatch questioned Kagan extensively this morning about the Citizens United campaign finance case. Although he did not raise the pro-life issue, this case, and Kagan’s view of the decision, sheds light on how she would rule in cases involving freedom of pro-life speech.

Kagan says, “Congress made a determination here. And the determination was that corporations had this corrupting influence on Congress. … And we in the Solicitor General office … vigorously defended that statute as it was written.”

She adds, “Now, the court rejected that position … because political speech is of paramount value.” In other words, she claims that, in arguing in defense of campaign finance laws, she was just doing her job.

You can read the whole thing here.