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AUL’s coverage of the Kagan hearings

AUL will be covering the Kagan hearings both on this site as well as at Human Events and on NRO’s Bench Memos. Clarke Forsythe and Kellie Fiedorek will be providing expert legal blogging and analysis while I will be blogging about events as they happen, as well as providing links to background information already researched by AUL’s experts.

C-SPAN will have live coverage of the hearings, including their Day 1 coverage online here.

To get things started, please be sure to read our legal team’s latest memo from The Kagan File – The Case Against Elena Kagan.

Additionally, here’s a link that goes to a previous blog post that shows how the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have voted in recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

If you want more information, the rest of AUL’s research on Elena Kagan can be found here. If you’re a member of the media looking for information on interviews or booking our experts, please go here.