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Kagan’s ultra-radical “judicial hero”, watch the video everyone is talking about

Featured in U.S. News and World Report and the Drudge Report

With just days to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee begins its hearings for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Americans United for Life Action’s explosive new video, “The Other Barak,” reveals the truth about Aharon Barak, the foreign judge Elena Kagan calls her “judicial hero.”

The two-minute video calls Barak “the world’s most radical advocate for an agenda-driven judiciary.” It features footage of Kagan praising the former Israeli Supreme Court justice, alternated with information about his disturbing belief that judges may impose their own personal agenda upon others by changing the law. It even includes footage of Barak admitting that his philosophy “may not fit some democracies.”

Watch the video on the AUL Action website. For more information on Kagan’s legal record, including her admiration of Barak, check out AUL’s Kagan File.