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AUL’s Bork call exposes Kagan as agenda-driven despite White House attempt to counter

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (6/23/2010) – Americans United for Life’s President and CEO, Dr. Charmaine Yoest, observed today that the White House’s attempts to drown out opposition voices to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan are falling flat.

News reports indicate that the White House appeared to release some colleague endorsements as more serious figures weighed into the debate on Kagan’s qualifications.

According to Politico, “Yesterday, in advance of the AUL conference, the White House organized a conference call of its own with three people who were fellow Supreme Court law clerks with Kagan in1987 and 1988, at the time she clerked under Marshall. They stuck closely to the administration’s script: Kagan, they said, was fair-minded and nonideological.”

Stories that some former office mates found her pleasant and that her work needed few corrections ran alongside of stories of AUL’s virtual news conference Wednesday with legal luminaries Judge Robert Bork, William Saunders and Professor Gerard Bradley. The three urged the Senate to refuse to endorse her confirmation to the high court because of the radical political positions she has taken in her career and because of the people she has extolled as her heroes.

“Judge Bork and our distinguished legal experts substantively outlined Elena Kagan’s agenda-driven judicial philosophy, a philosophy that is  far outside the boundaries of our Constitution,” said Yoest. “This nomination is not about personality, it’s about an attempt to grant a lifetime appointment to a political operative who has already pre-judged important issues like abortion. The American people want an impartial justice who will interpret the law and they are finding out very quickly that Elena Kagan is anything but impartial.”

For more information on Kagan’s legal record, check out the Kagan File at www.aul.org

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