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Kenyans Ask Court to Allow Vote Against Pro-Abortion Provisions of Proposed Constitution

Kenyan law prohibits abortion except to save the life of the mother.  However, a new proposed constitution is set to change that.  It contains several provisions that would enshrine abortion-on-demand as a constitutional right.  Kenya will vote on the proposed constitution through a national referendum in August.

Two Kenyan lawyers, Mr. Kamau Daniel Chege and Mr. Cosmus Kipkemoi Ng’eno, are challenging the referendum question that requires them to vote “yes” or “no” for the constitution as a whole, and does not allow Kenyans the opportunity to reject specific proposed provisions.  Mr. Chege and Mr. Ng’eno argue the requirement violates their right of expression.

Without the ability to reject specific provisions, Kenyans are asked when voting for the proposed constitution to accept abortion as a constitutional right, or reject everything else the constitution may offer.

Many Kenyans are opposed to abortion.  They are working against the effort to institute an abortion-on-demand regime in their country through this new constitution.  However, they are up against an abortion lobby heavily financed by foreign dollars.  With the Obama Administration lobbying for whole-sale passage of the proposed constitution, even our federal tax dollars are being used to constitutionalize a radical “right” to abortion in Kenya.

The Court is set to hear Mr. Chege and Mr. Ng’eno’s case on Tuesday June 22, 2010.