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South Carolina Legislature Acts to Protect Women from the Harms of Abortion

Women in South Carolina will soon be better protected from the harms of abortion.  Early this morning, the legislature passed a bill that will increase the state’s reflection period from one hour to twenty-four hours.

Previously, abortionists were permitted to perform abortions on women just one hour after giving them information outlining the risks of abortion, the gestational age of the child, and other important information that women need before making their abortion decisions.  Now, however, abortionists will not be permitted to perform abortions until the women have had at least 24 hours to reflect upon the information.  In addition, the information must now be available on a state-sponsored website.

This is a critical step in protecting the women of South Carolina and ensuring that their “choice” is fully informed.  There can be no true “consent” to abortion unless women are provided all of the information they need to make a well-informed “choice.”  Importantly, when women have all the information they need to make a “choice” and time to reflect upon that information, women are less likely to choose abortion.

AUL actively advised and supported South Carolina’s Palmetto Family Council on the passage of this bill.  Not surprisingly, the bill was opposed by abortion proponents who do not want women to make truly informed “choices.”

The governor is expected to sign the bill next week.  South Carolina will then join 24 other states with one-day reflection periods before abortion.