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FDA urged to reject dangerous over-the-counter abortion drug

Today, Americans United for Life filed testimony with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs, urging the FDA not to approve the abortion drug Ulipristal or make it available over-the-counter.

“The FDA and abortion proponents are representing Ulipristal as if it were Plan B – however, in many respects, it’s simply the next generation of RU-486,” said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of Americans United for Life. “The American people need to know that Ulipristal works in the same way as RU-486 to kill an embryo before or after implantation. Ulipristal also has potential to be a dangerous drug that will place women’s lives in danger.”

The abortion drug RU-486 is the parent compound of Ulipristal. RU-486 subjects women to drastic health risks, including risks of bacterial infection and hemorrhage. To date, at least 13 women have died after using RU-486. Ulipristal may be subject to similar risks, and unsupervised, over-the-counter access would likely put countless women’s lives in danger.

The testimony filed by Americans United for Life with the FDA Advisory Committee is available here.