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Missouri becomes the 5th state to opt out of taxpayer-funded abortion with assistance from AUL

Washington, DC – Today, Americans United for Life (AUL) was victorious in the passage of SB 793, a Missouri bill which will prohibit insurance plans participating in new state health insurance exchanges from providing abortion coverage.  The bill also enhances the state’s existing informed consent law to ensure that women receive essential information about health risks and alternatives before choosing abortion.

“Today, the people of Missouri are closer than ever to a new law that prevents taxpayer-funded abortion,” said Mary Harned, Staff Counsel with Americans United for Life. “This outstanding bill also contains important protections for women in the state who have a right to know that they face serious health risks when choosing abortion.”

AUL has been working in the state of Missouri for more than three years to ensure that women considering abortion are provided essential information and given the option to see an ultrasound image before undergoing abortions.  In addition, the bill provides that women contemplating abortion after 20 weeks be given information on the possibility of unborn children feeling pain during abortion.

SB 793 now goes to Governor Nixon for consideration.