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AUL’s Pregnant Women Protection Act Passes in Missouri

By Dan McConchie

The Missouri legislature has voted to give pregnant women the explicit right to defend her unborn child from attack. If Governor Jay Nixon signs the bill into law, it will make Missouri the 2nd state to protect women and their unborn children in this manner.

The bill had 19 original co-sponsors, including Missouri Representatives Jeanie Riddle, Susan Allen, and Anne Zerr (pictured right along with AUL Missouri State Director Kerry Messer and myself).

The idea for the law came as a result of a 1999 case in Michigan where a woman was convicted of manslaughter for defending her unborn children in an attack. Jaclyn Kurr suffered a miscarriage after her boyfriend, Antonio Pena, punched her multiple times in the stomach. During the attack, Jaclyn stabbed Pena trying to defend her unborn children. Jaclyn lost the quadruplets she was carrying, and Pena died of his injuries. A prosecutor charged Kurr and she was convicted, but the conviction was overturned on appeal.

Believing that no woman should ever have to face trial for defending her unborn children from harm, AUL created the Pregnant Women Protection Act which gives women specific rights to defend her unborn child from harm.

Oklahoma passed the same legislation unanimously last year. Already, other states have expressed interest in pursuing this legislation next year. If you are interested in pursuing this or other AUL legislation, contact us at Legislation@AUL.org