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Defending Life 2010

Each year, AUL publishes Defending Life: A State-by-State Legal Guide to Abortion, Bioethics, and the End of Life.

This annual resource manual combines our model legislation, expert analysis, and 50 state report cards into a single nonpartisan guide for legislators, policy makers, the media, and interested Americans. It comprehensively addresses abortion, protection of the unborn (in contexts outside of abortion), bioethics, the end-of-life, and health care freedom of conscience, expertly tackles legal and policy challenges for the pro-life movement, and reports on recent legislative and courtroom victories, continuing progress toward protecting life in each of the 50 states, and emerging issues and trends.

Many of the necessary building blocks for a culture that respects and protects life and for laws that reflect this desired cultural imperative are contained in this unique volume. By design, Defending Life emphasizes the importance of life-affirming legislation and seeks to educate legislators, the media, and the American public on the full spectrum of life issues and the many opportunities and challenges we face. We also hope it will encourage everyone to stay active and informed not just at the federal level, but also at the state and local levels. As this one-of-a-kind legal guide shows, we are making progress —state by state, law by law, and person by person—toward the day when everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law.

Praise for AUL’s Trademark Publication Defending Life:

“This year’s AUL legal guide, Defending Life 2010, provides a valuable resource for prolife leaders. This state-by-state scorecard of progress in the effort to defend life lets elected officials, grassroots activists and citizens know exactly where we are on our shared priority. I am proud that the report reflects the sweeping reforms we have enacted in Texas, saving thousands of lives in the process. This is not a book you leave on the shelf to collect dust. This information is ammunition in a fight that is far from over. I know you will find this guide informative and useful as you continue to promote and protect life in your state.”

– Governor Rick Perry, Texas

“Defending Life is a valuable resource for anyone dedicated to protecting human life through our legal system. I encourage you to use this resource in your efforts to build a pro-life community across the nation.”

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington State

“I really value the rock-solid legal advice in each year’s edition of Defending Life. From the beginning of life to the end of life, AUL’s legal guide has more concrete usable information on pro-life law than any other resource. It is a must-have for every state legislator.”

State Representative Lance Kinzer, Kansas

“AUL’s Defending Life is the best legal resource for state legislators in the country. If you are looking to pass meaningful laws that protect human life from beginning to end, this is the book you need.”

State Senator Todd Lamb, Oklahoma

“Defending Life 2010 provides a comprehensive resource for state legislators. Not only is the analysis of the legislative and judicial work methodical, but it is also educational in communicating rights of the unborn.”

State Representative Linda L. Upmeyer, Iowa

“For the past several years AUL’s annual Defending Life books have been the “go to source” for up to the moment, accurate information of the prolife pulse in the United States. AUL has earned the reputation as a trusted partner for prolife legislators across America. May God continue to bless your excellent efforts in leading the prolife movement.”

– State Senator Delbert Scott, Missouri

“AUL is one of the most helpful and most responsive pro-life organizations I have encountered. Whether one is preparing direct information for a bill, or just needing background information and support for pro-life issues, AUL is the ‘go-to’ organization.”

State Senator Dave Schultheis, Colorado

“Thanks in no small measure to the work of organizations like AUL, we are getting closer to the day that every baby will have the same opportunity I had – to take a first breath in this world, welcomed in love and protected by law.”

State Senator David Shafer, Georgia

“As soon as we amend the constitution, I’m going to file every single law we can from that blue book of yours.” –

– State Representative Matthew Hill, Tennessee

“I can tell you that every single piece of legislation that we have passed in Mississippi that has been signed off on by AUL… has been upheld.”

– State Senator Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi

“As a member of the state legislature, I eagerly await the distribution of Defending Life.”

State Representative Kathleen Souza, New Hampshire

“AUL’s Defending Life is an invaluable resource, combining practical help with visionary guidance. It puts the fruits of countless hours of meticulous research at your fingertips, while providing a roadmap for future pro-life endeavors.”

Catherine Short, Legal Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation