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AUL defends Mexican Life Amendment

AUL Files Brief in Mexican Supreme Court Detailing Abortion’s Risks

WASHINGTON, DC — Attorneys with Americans United for Life have filed a brief in the Mexican Supreme Court supporting a constitutional amendment from the Mexican state of Baja that protects human life from conception.  In its brief, AUL argues that protecting unborn life also works to protect women from the harms of abortion.

“The Mexican Supreme Court has a unique opportunity to learn from the devastating consequences of the United States’ 37-year ‘experiment’ with abortion-on-demand,” said Denise Burke, a senior attorney with AUL.  “The medical evidence detailed in our brief proves that abortion hurts women and is not the panacea that pro-abortion advocates promised.”

Following a controversial 2008 ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court upholding a Mexico City law permitting first trimester abortions, 15 of Mexico’s 31 states passed constitutional amendments protecting human life from conception.  Most of these amendments passed overwhelmingly.  Passed in December 2008, Baja’s amendment garnered some legislative opposition and a constitutional challenge was later brought by Francisco Javier Sanchez, a former Baja human rights commissioner.  The Mexican Supreme Court has agreed to hear the challenge, but no hearing date has been set.


AUL Amicus Brief- Spanish

AUL Amicus Brief- English translation